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Thank you for visiting the homepage of Moro Sports Marketing Company.

Moro Sports Marketing Company is a sports marketing company found in 2007, which has provided international friendly matches and sports marketing in football industry, based on the accumulated know-how from Korea Football Association and Korean Professional Football League.

The solid international football infrastructure of the members of Moro Sports Marketing Company and the excellent administrative service have brought successful and satisfying results to the clients and our wide range of international and domestic network, which were built through many years, were recognized in Korea and as well as Europe, China, Japan and Australia, and have been trusted as a global company. 

Moro Sports Marketing Company will constantly lead the change with passion and wisdom in the swiftly changing sports industry by aiming a variety of investment activities in sports area, a development of sports and a creation of value through new business consulting service.

There are no borders between the countries in the global football market. The football market is gradually increasing its value along with the rapid development of media and activation of World Cup, Continental Cup and Inter-league. As we have done, Moro Sports Marketing Company will continue to do our best to fulfill the value and expectations of our clients as the leader of the sports marketing industry.

We ask for your continuous interests and supports so we can be a global company.

Thank you.