Title Korea U-20 drew 1-1 againt Portugal U-20
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Korea U-20 national team led by Shin Taeyong had a draw in the friendly against Portugal U-20


On January 26, the U-20 national team drew 1-1 against Portugal in the national stadium located in Lisbon. In the 56’, Cho Youngwook scored an opener but Portugal’s Jorge Gomes equalized the score just before the end of the second half.


Korea played with 4-1-2-3 formation. Cho Youngwook was a sole striker while Ha Seungun and Paik Seungho played on the flanks. Han Chanhee, Kim Jungmin and Lee Seungmo were in the midfield. Woo Chanyang, Lee Jungmoon, Jeong Taewook and Yoon Jonggyu were in the back four. Song Bumkeun stood in front of the goal.


Both teams worked hard to score in the first half but failed to do so. In the 56’, Cho Youngwook scored for Korea. Yon Jonggyu passed a ball with a header from the center of the penalty box. Cho was there to get the ball and fired a right-footer.


Korea was so close to the victory but Portugal’s Jorge Gomes equalized the game in the 89’. Lee Sangheon fell over outside of the Portuguese’s box and players got mixed. Gomes secured the ball and fired a shot making 1-1.


Korea won 5-0 against Estoril Praia U-20. After a 1-1 draw with Portuguese U-20, the young Taegeuk Warriors continued an undefeated run in the friendly matches. The U-20 national team will move to Troia and continue the training.


<U-20 Korea national team friendly match against Portugal>


Korea U-20 1-1 Portugal U-20


Score: Cho Youngwook 56’, Jorge Gomes 89’


Line up: Song Bumkeun, Woo Chanyang (70’ Jang Gyeolhee), Jeong Taewook, Yoon Jonggyu, Lee Jungmoon, Kim Jungmin (70’ Park Hanbin), Lee Seungmo (70’ Lim Minhyeok), Han Chanhee (62’ Kang Jihun), Paik Seungho (62’ Kim Jinya), Ha Seungun, Cho Youngwook (62’ Lee Sangheon)


Words: An Keehee

English translation: Cho Keonho

Photo: FA Photos


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