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Korea Republic U-20 National Team led by Coach Shin Taeyong lost to Sporting B (reserve team). It is the team's first practice match defeat during this off-season training camp in Portugal.


Korea Republic U-20 National Team lost 1-3 to Sporting B. The match took place at Academia Sporting in Lisbon, Portugal on 2nd February, 2017 (Local Time in Korea). Sporting B is the first adult team the Korea Republic U-20 National Team faced during its off-season in Portugal. The team had a record of 2 wins and 1 draw thus far. Head coach Shin said "it was a tough match for the team as it was against an adult team , but I do believe the match was a good experience for the players."


Sporting B scored its leading goal 39' into the first half via one-two pass from the left-hand side of the penalty area and successfully scored a goal. Korea Republic U-20 National Team did not just stand back. Lee Seungwoo equalized the match by scoring a goal into 42' into the first half. The opportunity was created by Han Chanhee's free kick which was connected by Lee Seungmo's header to Lee Seungwoo who eventually scored.


During the second half, Korea Republic U-20 National Team lost concentration and conceded two goals at 12' and 17' into the second half. Korea Republic U-20 National Team allowed Sporting B to dribble through the right-hand side. After conceding two goals, Korea Republic U-20 National Team aggressively sought for a chance to push back but was unsuccessful.


Coach Shin commented, "It was a pity that defenders' fighting spirit was not strong enough. This must be improved. Players should not easily lose possession of the ball during the match. Players must show more concentration throughout the match."


Korea Republic U-20 National Team will have its final practice match in this off-season training against Real Sport Clube on 4th February at Jose Mourinho Training Centre in Troia, Portugal. Real Sport Clube is currently competing in its 3rd tier league and is likely to advance to the 2nd tier league next year. The Korea Republic U-20 National Team will return to homeground on the 7th via Incheon Airport.


Words: Kwon Taejeong

Translation: Hyejoong Kim

Photo: FA Photos




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